My First Post!

Drag RacingMy first post! Woohoo! Welcome to my personal blog page!  I have always wanted a place online to talk about my love for drag racing and pretty much everything else.

What is with the name?  Well, the Orangeburg Drag Strip has always been my favourite place to visit ever since I was a little kid.  My Dad used to take me there, just so I can see the cars go up and down the track.  It always felt like home to me.  Since I wanted to make this blog feel like home, I decided to name it after my fav childhood spot.  And the LLC at the end? It stands for Long Live Cars. According to my parents, it was my favorite thing to say as a kid.  Weird? Yes I know haha!

I grew up in South Carolina just an hour away from Neeses, where the drag strip is located.  The track now is completely different from how it was YEARS back when I used to go with my father.  They tore up the whole track and and built a new racing surface to accommodate different types of racing such as bike racing and grudge racing.  If you could see the changes from how it was before, to how it is now, you will see the drastic change.

Sorry for babbling on, check back in a few for new updates and posts.

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