Happy New Year and My Resolutions

Hi Everyone!

As you know, it is the new year, and everyone is trucking along with their new years resolutions. One of the most popular ones that everyone aims to do within a new year is to lose weight.

I used to be a little stick when I was younger, full of energy and I could eat as much as I wanted and still be a scrawny little guy. College hit, and I gained the dreaded “Freshman 15”, and, well, it’s all been downhill from there. I do truly believe that as you get older, your metabolism takes a hit and you no longer can eat all of the funions that you want anymore, and you gain weight in places you didn’t really know that you could.

I am hoping onto the bandwagon and am aiming to lose about 30 lbs this year. I have hired a personal trainer at the gym to help me out for a bit, as I’ve never really step foot into a gym and don’t really know what I need to do or how to use the machines. So far, the trainer is kicking my butt about once a week, and I follow up every week to see how far I’ve gone along.

My personal trainer has also given me a meal plan, which I admit, I am not following to a T, but am taking into consideration the suggestions for snacks and meal ideas. I am trying to implement more vegetables into my everyday eating, which hasn’t been so bad.

I was at my local GNC store and was asking for suggestions for a product that could help boost my weight loss process. There are many options, thermogenics, saffron extract, CLA, green coffee bean extract. So many options! I will have to do some research online before I decide on something.

Happy new year to everyone, hope you all achieve everything you want this year. Will get to my regular blog topics soon.

-Long live cars

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My First Post!

Drag RacingMy first post! Woohoo! Welcome to my personal blog page!  I have always wanted a place online to talk about my love for drag racing and pretty much everything else.

What is with the name?  Well, the Orangeburg Drag Strip has always been my favourite place to visit ever since I was a little kid.  My Dad used to take me there, just so I can see the cars go up and down the track.  It always felt like home to me.  Since I wanted to make this blog feel like home, I decided to name it after my fav childhood spot.  And the LLC at the end? It stands for Long Live Cars. According to my parents, it was my favorite thing to say as a kid.  Weird? Yes I know haha!

I grew up in South Carolina just an hour away from Neeses, where the drag strip is located.  The track now is completely different from how it was YEARS back when I used to go with my father.  They tore up the whole track and and built a new racing surface to accommodate different types of racing such as bike racing and grudge racing.  If you could see the changes from how it was before, to how it is now, you will see the drastic change.

Sorry for babbling on, check back in a few for new updates and posts.

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